Sponsored Information Opt-Out Service

This Web site will enable you to opt out of receiving sponsored information in the pharmacy where you recently filled a prescription.

While the information you received was carefully reviewed for clinical appropriateness and designed to be relevant to you or someone in your care, we respect your wishes to no longer receive it.

To ensure your opt-out request is processed correctly, you will need to enter a special code (consisting of three sets of numbers or letters) printed on the information sheet that was attached to, or inserted into, the prescription bag. A sample of the information sheet and where to find the special code is shown below.

Please note:
This opt out applies only to the pharmacy location where you obtained the prescription for which this information sheet was provided. If you shop at other pharmacy locations, you may need to complete this process again if you receive sponsored information at those locations.

Please enter the 17 digit code in the boxes below, then press "Submit".

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